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Tax Resolution Services for New York Taxpayers

Tim Halcomb

"Pure Tax Resolution is a local and professional solution for New York City individuals and businesses struggling with back taxes, penalties, audits, levies, garnishments, and tax problems of any kind. Our goal is to deliver results where the faceless tax resolution firms cannot by offering up-front and personalized service to our clients. Our dedicated team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents work on the behalf of taxpayers in and around Manhattan to settle all IRS and State tax problems. Call (347) 308-5811 today to speak with me directly, and expect nothing but a positive experience. We are tax help you can trust!"

~ Tim Halcomb, President of Pure Tax Resolution of New York


Pure tax resolution New York

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS or state of New York?

Are you receiving threatening letters from the IRS or state?

Are you a local business owner struggling with tax problems?

Unfortunately, many taxpayers in and around New York City find themselves saying yes to these questions. When it comes to oweing back taxes, it's important to act immediately before they spin out of control. The problems is, the IRS and State make it extremely difficult for the average citizen to handle and resolve tax problems themselves, leaving many New York taxpayers in need of professional help.  This is where Pure Tax Resolution of New York delivers.  In our vast experience resolving tax problems for New York citizens, we are all to familiar with the burdens of owing tax debt and trying to resolve it, which is why we strive to provide effective tax debt resolution with a personal touch.  If you are a local individual or business facing tax problems of any kind, Pure Tax Resolution would like to be your professional solution.

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Tax Resolution Strategies

If you have tax debt, your financial, personal, and professional welfare is at risk, so it's crucial that you consult a professional firm specializing in tax resolution.  Your tax resolution, or tax relief strategy, relies exclusively on the nature of your tax debt and financial situation.  The tax resolution specialists at Pure Tax Resolution of New York are skilled at listening to our client's unique needs, and will exercise a tax resolution strategy that will resolve your tax problems and get the IRS off your back.

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Relief for Back Taxes

Back taxes, whether IRS or State, is simply the delinquent tax debt that an individual or business owner may owe.  If you are a taxpayer in New York City or surrounding communities struggling with back taxes, it's absolutely crucial that you take action immediately by consulting a back tax relief professional.  Pure Tax Resolution has a skilled team of licensed Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents that specialize in negotiating with the IRS or State Treasury, and have the ability to grant convenient relief and payment plans for our clients.

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Licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

When it comes to resolving complicated tax problems, it's advantageous to have a licensed tax attorney and enrolled agent advocating for you. Only tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the ability to directly negotiate with the IRS and State to settle your tax problems, serious or minor.  The truth is, contacting the IRS yourself to settle your tax problems can be as stressful as having tax debt itself.  Our tax attorneys have helped hundreds of frustrated taxpayers relieve themselves of the burden of tax problems, and the necessary procedures to settle them.

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Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief

If back taxes and penalties remain unsettled for too long, the IRS can (and will) exercise a levy or wage garnishment against you.  Once you receive letters from the IRS threatening to compromise your assets and wages, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. If you are a taxpayer in New York City. or surrounding areas, it's absolutely crucial that you consult professional wage garnishment and levy relief if your assets are being threatened.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

Just when you thought having back taxes couldn't get any worse, you fall victim to accruing tax penalties and interest. Unfortunately, as long as you have outstanding tax debt, these annoying penalties will only grow. It's important to contact a tax penalty abatement professional to address your tax penalties and settle them before they get out of control.

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IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS identifies problems with your tax return, you could be targeted for an audit. In fact, the IRS randomly selects citizens to be audited, similar to a random selection at an airport security check.  Although some audits are more severe than others, successfully navigating an IRS audit can be extremely intimidating and stressful. Pure Tax Resolution has a knowledgeable staff of IRS audit representation professionals that work with New York taxpayers address IRS audits, and rectify any errors you may have on your tax returns.

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Business Tax Resolution

As a local business ourselves, we understand the hard work involved in building and maintaining a successful business in New York. Unfortunately, many local business owners find themselves burdened with payroll tax, worker classification, and overstated tax deduction errors, and each can have devastating effects on a business.

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International Tax Resolution & Consulting

Are you a New York area resident that owns, or looking to own international assets? Owning offshore assets, including bank accounts, real estate commodities, etc, is a very fruitful venture for many. Unfortunately, the Government has recently mandated strict tax reporting regulations, putting international asset owners in danger. If you have concerns about your international assets, or would like to invest offshore and professional consulting and reporting help, our international tax attorneys and CPAs can help.

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Professional Tax Help for New York Taxpayers

Providing comprehensive tax resolution services to individuals and businesses throughout the New York City area, your tax resolution needs are in good hands.  Forget about being a victim of the faceless tax firms you encounter on the TV, radio, and internet, Pure Tax Resolution offers free consultations, 24 hour availability for clients, up-front pricing, and superior customer service from start to finish. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free personal consultation (347) 308-5811.

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