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IRS Audit Representation for New York Taxpayers

IRS audit representation New York

IRS Audit Representation can save you from the emotional and financial strain involved with IRS audits. If you have received an IRS audit letter, it's natural to feel like you're a sitting duck. Recently, the IRS hired thousands of agents to collect over $1.5 billion in tax revenue. So, enforcement activity of all kinds, including IRS audits, has been on the rise.

The fact is, not all audits are the same. Most IRS audits consist of the IRS requesting certain tax return documents over fax or mail. If the IRS suspects more severe violations on your tax returns, they will issue a field audit, where they will personally show up at your home or workplace to conduct a more comprehensive audit.

Addressing an IRS audit without seeking professional help could make things worse..   If you have IRS audit representation, you are equipping yourself with expert representation, giving you a distinct advantage in settling your audit properly.   Especially, in the case of full blown field audit at your home or office, it's in your very best interest you consult a professional, and the IRS audit representatives at Pure Tax Resolution works directly with New York taxpayers to successfully navigate any kind of audit.


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Just because the IRS decides to audit you, it doesn't automatically mean you are guilty of tax fraud, which is why having professional representation is crucial in proving your case. Why risk being falsely accused of improperly filing your taxes?  Our IRS audit representatives will evaluate every detail of your IRS audit case, and leave no stoned un-turned throughout the process.  We are ready to speak with you today, call now to get a free personal consultation for your IRS audit help needs (347) 308-5811

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