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Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief for New York Taxpayers

The IRS issues wage garnishments and levies on a daily basis, and they can overstep any legal boundary to do so. Once it happens, it can trigger a state of panic, as your hard-earned assets and wages are being compromised, leaving you unable to live comfortably.  So is there any relief for wage garnishments or levies? Yes, but it starts with the taxpayers owning up to their situation and immediately seeking professional wage garnishment and levy relief.  Pure Tax Resolution of New York has a dedicated team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents that work with the IRS every day to stop wage garnishments and levies in their tracks.

You Must Act Immediately

If your tax debt goes unsettled for too long, the IRS will issue a levy or wage garnishment to collect the back taxes you owe, whether you can afford it or not.  They will inform your employer that they will be compromising a portion of your paycheck to satisfy your delinquent tax debt. Not only financially crippling, but also embarrassing, could you live in comfort? Most people couldn’t. Understand, the IRS isn't out to make your life miserable, they just want the taxes owed to them and will exercise extreme measures to collect them. The longer you wait, the less likely it is to stop the wage garnishment or levy.

What the IRS Must Do Before They Garnish Your Wages

Before the IRS can exercise a levy or wage garnishment, they must send you two letters of notice. The first letter is a warning, and if you do not respond with professional wage garnishment help, you will get a final notice informing you of the impending levy or garnishment.

Stop Wage Garnishment Today

If you are being threatened by a wage garnishment or levy from the IRS, you do not have the power to stop it yourself. In order to stop wage garnishment or levies, you must consult professional help, and the wage garnishment experts at Pure Tax Resolution specializes in stopping wage garnishments for New York taxpayers. Call today, we are happy to listen to your problems and offer professional wage garnishment help. Free consultations (347) 308-5811

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