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IRS Tax Attorneys for New York taxpayers


As a vital part of our tax resolution team, our licensed tax attorneys are skilled in working with New York taxpayers with complicated tax problems, and negotiate with the IRS or State to offer convenient tax settlement solutions.  Some tax debt problems can be resolved by the help of an enrolled agent or accountant, but more severe tax complications that require delicate negotiations need the expertise of an ABA licensed tax attorney.

Privileged Communications

Only licensed tax attorneys offer the attorney-client privilege, which gives our clients the peace of mind knowing their most complicated tax problems will be settled with 100% confidentiality. Because certain tax cases may evolve into criminal cases, it is vital that you are protected by the privilege that comes with tax attorney representation.

Exclusive Negotiation Skills

Tax attorneys spend years in tax law practice to develop an expertise in IRS negotiations. With the IRS having exclusive power to collect back taxes, it's important to have a skilled tax attorney on your side to shield you from levies, seizures, and garnishments.

Not Intimidated

As a direct benefit of possessing expert negotiation skills, our licensed tax attorneys know the ins-and-outs of IRS procedures.  To the average taxpayer, the IRS can be very overwhelming and intimidating, but our licensed tax attorneys are not intimidated by the IRS, and know how to properly communicate with them.


Our tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. That, in addition to our dedication to offering personalized customer service, equates into our tax attorneys exercising ethical practices with our clients.

Free Consultations

The tax attorneys at Pure Tax Resolution can provide you with an exclusive advantage in settling your tax problems.  Don’t trust your financial welfare to an amateur,  Contact Pure Tax Resolution for a free consultation with our tax attorneys (347) 308-5811

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